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realize obama administration gave chrysler to fiat for zero dollars? i mean, you can't imagine a businessman like mitt romney turning over that much real property to a foreign company for zero dollars. so owe think the longer you look at the auto bailout the less attractive it s romney's approach was to guarantee loans and waivers after a traditional bankruptcy court, what united airlines and a number other companies have gone through. that i think people goring to say that might have been a better road. >> that is sort of the global view talking about jobs in ohio. you know? you don't necessarily look at the big tick pic tour, looks like do i have a job or not? >> the governor pointed out the net number of new jobs out of the bailout was 400 for the state. all other new jobs and if you're a gm worker are you grateful to obama? do you think you've worked hard so your company survived? at some point obama claiming credit for your job begins to get thin. >> greta: benghazi. we've spent a lot of time talking about it. and frankly there are a lot of remaining questions and nobody s
. >> eric: keep that sound bite in mind. today we learn secret e-mails sent to obama administration specifically the state department to suggest consulate in benghazi was in imminent danger to refute the white house claims that "a," they weren't forewarned. thanks to the president, no. thanks to the republican senator lindsey graham. why has it take son long to get to this guy? a republican senator to do what the commander in chief should have done weeks ago? i have to start with you. >> bob: do you have to? >> eric: i have to. bret baier warned us last night and he said you will start to see a lot of new information coming out day after day. >> bob: i'll assume we won't do the story on wednesday. >> greg: i'll make sure we do it. >> eric: the c.i.a. pushed back. the ambassador and his aide died within an hour of this attack. nobody could have gotten there to save him. there were no military people on the ground. c.i.a. agents on the ground. c.i.a. pushed back twice today saying they were moving to help them. there is a lot of information here. did they handle it right? no. they han
: race to the finish line. tuesday is the finish line. obama administration trying to get there before whatever we find out comes out. >> andrea: they were hoping that the video story and the coverup would take them past election but we see it's not the case. there are three failures, failure not to secure it in advance. the failure to not help rescue them while it was happening. the red herring was the video. now the bungling after. how did the media get in the consulate to get the ambassador's diary? how did the "new york times" have better intelligence where the suspect was drinking mango juice than the president did? why was the suspect then when he was sent to turkey not extra dieted to gitmo by the united states. why has this been bungled from the beginning, middle and end? the f.b.i. should be in the white house investigating the crime there. >> bob: please. >> eric: could president obama attained access through the f.b.i. sooner? why did it take -- >> dana: to the -- >> eric: to the detainee in tunisia. >> dana: interrogation and intelligence gathering is the most important thi
obama addressed allegations that the administration has been misleading the american people. >> i take offense that in any way we haven't tried to make sure that the american people knew and information was coming in. what we believed happened. >> kimberly: there will be hearings about this. >> that wasn't the question. the question is did you or did you not turn down additional support and assets to four of the americans who were pinned down taking fire? hold on. mr. woods makes a good point. why we probably have done this every day. one of those days someone will come out and tell us about a discussion they had that tells us exactly what happened. >> kimberly: president obama says we don't leave anybody behind but we did in benghazi. you have want do a press conference about that. shameless. >> bob: with all due respect the father. it can understand him being upset. the idea from a drone photograph you can tell what is going on, on the ground and further more you can hear cries from help is not possible. the idea in the white house they watched this realtime through smoke and flame i
engaged. who is at fault? media for not covering the story, administration for not reporting it or both? >> greg: the media is so far in obama's pockets they have bruises from his quarters. i agree with bob. we don't need the rumors. there are enough facts out there that are so bad i would wait on a rumor. it's not the fog of war to blame. fog of incompetence. i have come up with a new phrase. obama fog. that's when the always articulate captain perfect goes mute over stuff that really matters. >> andrea: dana, the bush administration dealt are the october surprises. and you handled messaging in the white house. has the president passed the point of coming clean on this? >> dana: they did way back then on september 13. the point of no return was the day susan rice, the ambassador went on the tv and said something demonstrably false. you haven't seen or heard from her sense. >> greg: how many story from the filmmaker over the champion of expression? >> bob: how many rumors is newt gingrich going to have? >> andrea: when we come back -- we'll see if it's a rumor. >> bob: we'll see. >> and
haveome up with a new rase. obama fog. ththat's when the alwayss articulate captain perfect es mute over stuff that reallyly matters. andrea: dana, the bush administration dealtlt are the ocber surprises.. and you handled messagiging in the white house. has s the president pasd the poinof coming clean onn this? >> dana: they did way back ththen on september 13. the pnt of no retur wasas the dayy susan rice, thembassador went onhe tv and said someththing demonstrably false. you haven't sn or heard fm hesense. >> greg: h many story frorom the filmmaker overhe chamon of expressssion? >> bob: how manyny rors is newt gingrich g going to have? >> andrea: whewe come baback -- we' see if it't's a rumor.r. >> bob: we'll see.e. >> a andrea: rich, whihite lirals iso anxious t that romney could win theyave troubl sleeping and can't exercise. greg has the ailments ailingg the left as we approach election day. coming up next. ♪ ♪ [ cheepi ] [ male annnnouncer ] yohear that? that's the sound ofar insurance comompani these days. hhere a cheap, there a cap, everywhere a cheap.... you get it so, what
to say also thank god that during his economic malaise, president obama focused on the important stuff like childhood obesity, birth control, electric cars. this administration is so lost right now. they need to gps to find their own butt. >> eric: i hope that the most pressing question comes out, when he speaks to mtv. >> andrea: the same one that bill clinton got. boxers or briefs? you newhen you go to mtv you get to crux of the issues. >> greg: pretend serious questions. like this job must be really difficult for you. sound smart and sensitive. >> andrea: the problem is over half of youth today, college graduates are unemploy. so he can talk about the environment and the other issues but the candidates, are sitting in the parents' basement watching him on a laptop as paul ryan said looking at faded posters. visual is important. romney giving a thoughtful speech. barack obama stel trying to gen up his base. he hasn't talked about the economy. why hasn't he? why didn't he still keep a message of hope and talk about the next four years? why did he wait until this week to roll out an ag
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)